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What is iSite®?

iSite® is a full featured yard inventory management system which will allow the user to track deliveries & returns for job site and inventory management.

Some of the features of iSite® include

- Online Delivery & Return Tickets
- Full Inventory Control and Reporting for Equipment in the Yard and on Site
- Allows for the ability to purchase owned inventory and re-rent inventory from different sources
- Ability to track damages and losses of equipment
- Can support multiple branches and is ideal for "Holding Yards", "Depot Yards", Consignment or "Storage & Maintenance Inventory"

The main difference between iSite® and iRent® is that iSite® does not include any invoicing capabilities and is half the price of iRent.

iSite® is easily upgradeable to iRent.


Scaffold Software

- Online Pick Tickets and Delivery Dockets.
- Single entry processing where delivery tickets are entered once and are then automatically fed into inventory & billing modules.
- Yard picking tickets.
- Delivery and Return tickets can be customized. Or choose from one of our 10 existing layouts.
- Sale or Consumable items can appear on the delivery tickets together with rental items.
- Ability to enter damaged/lost item information with the return including the COST amount.
- Return count sheet can be generated for the counting of equipment.
- Digital images (electronic photographs) can be stored with returns.


- iSite® provides accurate inventory information.
- Provides up-to-date inventory quantities information including yard quantities and job/site quantities.
- Ability to enter items under a category with numerous reports based on item categories.
- Re-rent module including re-rent suppliers, re-rent transactions and re-rent balances.
- Utilization analysis showing the utilization percentage of all items for any date period.
- Allows for adjustments, yard to yard transfers, repairs and damages and other inventory transactions which automatically updates quantity totals.
- Reports can be printed for item damages sorted by Job.


iRent provides all job information at your fingertips.

- Allows for an unlimited number of Jobs per Customer and Jobs per Site.
- Online Job balances. Tracking of where Items are as well as what is on each Customer Site.
- Recording of all movements on Job/Site. Delivery/Return summary information by item, forecasted return dates.
- Provides Full Job History information.


iRent solves the unique problem of damages and shortages when items are returned. Efficient and easy handling of these shortages ensure that your inventory quantities are updated correctly and the history of damages can be recorded for future reference.
v The return for every inventory item allows you to optionally enter three "Special" types of returns.

-Reparable damaged items
-Non Reparable items
-Missing/lost Items.


iRent offers more than just Customer, Job and Inventory reports. It provides important management information at your fingertips.

- Item movement reports.
- Item utilization reports.
- Returns forecasting reports.
- OVER 50 reports.


Screen and Report Terminology is user customizable using the translation utility. One of the powerful features of iSite® is the ability change all screens and reports to use terms applicable to their region. For example, if you don?t like the word "Picking Slip" you can change it to "Pick Ticket". Every field on every screen and report can be altered to reflect the terminology that you prefer to use within your organization. Date formats are windows customizable. The current languages supported are:





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