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Answers to some common questions about using iRent
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Hardware requirements for iRent
hardware requirements

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What is iRent?

iRent® is a powerful Rental Management Software System developed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, specifically for the Scaffolding Industry to provide Delivery Tickets, Billing, Job Control, Inventory Control and Sales Analysis.

Although iRent is designed for the scaffolding industry, it can greatly benefit any company which delivers and returns large quantities of items. iRent is more suited to a company which has account customers to be invoiced by job. iRent also has a sales, contracting and manual invoicing system. iRent handles multiple yards, provides flexible easy to understand weekly or monthly invoicing, handles overreturns for inventory control and billings, is extremely user friendly and reduces data entry errors. iRent has the ability to support multi-user wide areas networks for large organizations.

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Rental Management Software    Rental Management Software

iRent Features

- Invoicing (Invoices which are accurate and easy to understand)
- Order Processing (Online Pick Tickets and Delivery Dockets)
- Inventory (iRent provides accurate inventory information)
- Job Details (iRent provides all job information at your fingertips)
- Damages (damages and shortages when items are returned)
- Reports (iRent offers more than just Customer, Job and Inventory reports)
- Languages (Screen and Report Terminology is user customizable)
- iQuery (The powerful iQuery Report Writer)
- Ease of Use (IntelliMenu)


Answers to some common questions about using iRent View FAQ listing

Latest Features

iRent 8.50 Latest Features or Contact us for more information

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