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iRent Invoicing Features

iRent Features - Invoices Powerful Billings Invoices which are accurate and easy to understand.

  • Flexible billing methods including the following choices: Advance Billings, Arrears Billings, Minimum Rental, Different Bill Cycles and Advanced Contracts.

  • The Invoicing procedure processes all deliveries and returns for all jobs at the press of a button taking into account Delivery and Return dates, Job information, and over returns to produce an invoice file ready to be printed or modified.

  • Consolidated Invoices by job.

  • Ability to invoice under multiple company names.

  • Invoices include allowances for customer discounts, job discounts, item discounts and multiple item rate tables.

  • Automatic allocation of returns against deliveries.

  • Automatic handling of over returns (flexible).

  • Ability to invoice for damaged items.

  • Ability to handle sales/credits and manual invoices.

  • Invoices can be customized. Or choose from one of our 10 existing layouts.

  • Ability to export data to accounting packages.

Invoices and Tickets (Dockets) are customizable or choose from one of our 10 existing layouts.

A sample of a completely customizable invoice.

iRent Scaffold Software

iRent Scaffold Software

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