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iQuery Report Writer

Scaftech incorporates into all its applications, the powerful iQuery Report Writer (IQ). IQ is a relational Query-by-Example report writer that provides End Users with an easy to use interface for producing reports. Some of the features of IQ include:

  • Dictionary driven.

  • Field names are displayed as English descriptions - not database names

  • Records can be output to Spreadsheets (Excel, Lotus etc.)

  • Records can be output to Mail-Merge files or Mailing labels

  • Reports may be previewed before printing

  • Data can be extracted from multiple files in the one report

  • Users can select fields to group by and provide subtotals as well as averages, totals, counts etc.

  • An SQL dialog helps users prepare queries and build filters such as : JOBNUMBER = "ABC01" and AMOUNT >= $1000

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